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Thanks to the high material flexibility – both high performance metals and ceramics – the FFF technology enables us to cater to a large number of industrial applications and fulfil the ever-evolving needs of our customers through our manufacturing services. It also offers a high performance to cost ratio – potentially higher than any other AM tech that is currently on the market.

Want to compare FFF with other methods? Have a look at our comparative chart here.

This is a question that we get asked a lot and is homage to the wonderful work that the aforementioned US-based companies have put in. We have utmost respect for the awareness and possibilities for FFF created by them.

Both Desktop Metal and Markforged have realized machines that are safe for almost all kinds of workshops or even offices. However in doing so, they have refrained from the use of pure hydrogen for the debinding and sintering of metals like Steel and Copper. The organic binder – which most FFF filaments use – are best eliminated under hydrogen atmosphere for metals. The residual organic or carbon hinders the sintering process resulting in metals whose relative densities are low. For both Stainless Steel and Copper we are employing pure H2 atmosphere.

Also, the Desktop Metal and Markforged machinery is not suitable for manufacturing of high-performance ceramics.

Thanks to our extensive database on the scaling parameters for different metals and ceramics, we are able to obtain parts with typical geometrical accuracy of 100 μm in each axis. If higher precision is desired, parts can be post-processed at the expense of additional costs. Get in touch with us if you need more info on this topic.

Typically 3-4 weeks after you have placed an order with us. In case of urgent needs, parts can also be delivered with in 10 days, but for a higher price.

Yes! Our service is available worldwide. Delivering parts outside Europe generally requires additional documentation which might mean that you should consider adding additional 2-3 days to our standard delivery time.

Also Yes! Since an universal equipment capable of producing all kinds of metals and ceramics does not exist, a careful understanding and analysis of requirements needs to be performed. We work closely with partners to help them procure the right equipment and minimize the risk due to large investments associated with AM machinery and equipment. We have a blog post for you exactly with this question in mind. Have a look here.