How does it work?

RAPTOR is an AM-based technology for the cost-effective production of Ceramic and Metal parts using the method of Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF).

The process uses specially fabricated metal or ceramic filaments which are shaped into desired geometry using specially developed in-house FFF printers. The printed “green” parts may then be machined in order to include further details in the parts and to improve surface finish, after which they are subsequently heat treated at high temperatures to eliminate the binder and to sinter the part. The “green” parts can also be chemically treated -prior to heat treatment – to speed up the heat treatment process.

The RAPTOR yields both metal & ceramic parts with relative density of over 99%.

Materials & Advantages:

Advantages of RAPTOR:

  • Cost-efficient production of parts
  • Low entry-level investment
  • Suitable for numerous materials – including ceramics
  • Excellent surface finish
  • High relative density of parts
  • Mechanical properties compliant with demands of high performance engineering applications

How can we help you?

  • On-demand manufacturing of parts. Click here to get a price approximation for your part.
  • Consultancy for:
    • Integration of 3D-Printing in your manufacturing chain 
    • Testing and Qualification of new AM materials and processes
    • Workshops on Additive Manufacturing of Metals and Ceramics
  • Filaments for metals and ceramics
  • Customised FFF-printers for ceramics & metals 

Want to see more pictures of parts produced with RAPTOR? Visit our gallery page.

Click here to download the RAPTOR datasheet.